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The YWCA Bradford’s 100th Birthday



Centennial Tea party and Fashion Show

Held at a local historic home, guests of the event saw not only the historical fashions of the last 100 years, but also learned what the YW was doing during each decade and fashion era.  This was an amazing event with  wonderful decor, fabulous food and even better company!  We still hear from people who relish their memories of our Tea Party!


Lunch in the Square

In August 2015, we celebrated our 100th with cake at Lunch in the Square.  Cake and cupcakes were provided by Julie’s Cake Creations, and handed out as a compliment to all those who have stood by the YWCA in thick and thin!

Business After Hours to Celebrate 100 Years





Leader Luncheon 2015

In 2015, we celebrated past YWCA leaders who paved the way for us to do the hard work we do every day. The YWCA has a history of quiet perseverance, of women who lead and do and serve with little fanfare, and this particular year we wanted to shout in gratitude and acknowledgement for all they have done to make our paths smoother and easier.

YWCA’s Boo! Day Celebration

In 2015, the YWCA Celebrated its 100th Anniversary.  With an event every month from April through October, we celebrated 100 years of service, 100 years of community building and support, 100 years of empowerment, 100 years of compassion, and 100 years of strength and leadership.  Take a walk down memory lane with us and check out some of the pictures below.