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Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities Program

For those struggling with a mental illnesses or intellectual disabilities, maintaining independence can be a battle. However, when we invest time and resources in assisting these individuals, we all reap the benefits for years to come.

Participants in our Mobile Medication program (a part of the Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities Program) receive education-based programming to acquire necessary skills to manage their medications and control symptoms that would otherwise put them at risk for inpatient care.

Each participant is assisted to reach a common goal: graduation and independence. One such participant has been in the program for four years, and is now able to take her medication and control her symptoms on her own. She knows her medication and why she takes it. She is able to contact the pharmacy and her doctor’s office when needed. In short, she is doing well and living in the community on her own, with minimal supports.

By providing the assistance and care we do, our participants are able to live with dignity and self-respect. Moreover, we save our community’s valuable and limited resources by preventing institutionalization. The returns far outweigh the cost, making it a worthwhile investment!