814 368-4235

Food Pantry

The YWCA Bradford Food Pantry is open every Wednesday from 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM. Please call the YWCA at 814-368-4235 for income limits and further questions.

The YWCA’S Food Pantry Program is a source of supplemental food to individuals and families, from Bradford and Eldred, who are on a limited income or have an acute need.

Individuals may sign up by coming to the Food Pantry and filling out an application.

According to State regulation, participants may only attend the YWCA Food Pantry or the Salvation Army Food Pantry once every 30 days. Participants may not attend both. If one would like to switch to one or the other, s/he may fill out a form.

The amount of food received will depend on the number of people in each family.

Emergency food boxes are available by coming to the YWCA. Once an emergency food box is received, participants may attend the regular food pantry 30 days later, during its regularly scheduled hours.

The type of food received will vary, but there should be enough food for several meals.Typical staples include peanut butter and pasta. There may be canned meat or tuna, canned fruit and juice, canned vegetables, soup, boxed potatoes and cereal based on donations from community members.