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Join the fun and flock a friend!

  • Participants begin by designating an address to get a flocking.
  • For $15, highly trained professionals will place flying pigs in the requested location with a sign and letter that explains the pigs’ arrival. 
  • Upon arrival, the lucky homeowner or business owner has the choice of paying a $10 removal fee (suggested donation) or $15 to choose the next resting spot for these beautiful creatures.
  • The flock remains up to 48 hours and then flies on to the next location.
  • Should a homeowner’s feathers be ruffled by the prank, the flying pigs will be removed immediately, free of charge.

Flocking Flying Pigs

Order Form
  • The individual(s) ordering the flocking, also known here as the flockers.
  • The address of the flocker, NOT the flying pigs' next landing site.

  • The individual(s) to receive a flocking.
  • Please be specific and provide any necessary details to ensure the flying pigs land in the proper location. We want to avoid any mishaps that could lead to an aborted landing.
  • Price: $15.00
    The suggested donation for our trained professionals to place these pink creatures in your requested location.
  • Some may wish to tip our trained professionals for their proper care of these unique flying pigs, as well as their late night and early morning lurking to ensure each request is met.
  • $0.00